Today on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast, we deal with the elephant in the living room: Nobody ever retires! Especially those who can afford to!

Billionaires don’t retire. Poor people can’t retire (even though they desperately want to sometimes). The Four Hour Workweek Man works about 10 hours a day. Mr. Early Retirement Extreme himself works in investments and Mr. Money Mustache works in construction!

So, the people that have the money to do so don’t retire. And the people who don’t have money are desperate to retire. Meanwhile, we read article after article admonishing people to save for retirement!

We need new language to talk about retirement and we need new ways of looking at retirement. Join us as we start to peel back the actual history of retirement in the world so we can understand where it came from, why it’s here, and how we can do it better. This will set the foundation for discussing financial independence, sabbaticals, lifestyle design, etc.

We need new models for retirement planning. But first, we need to understand how we got to the current model. This show starts to set the foundation for that education.

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