Today’s show is a bit more general and philosophy focused rather than technical. I decided to use a question from my Twitter exchange with Robbie this morning as the springboard for my show.

If I were talking to an 18-year old me, I would tell him these things:

  1. Don’t be scared of people. Everyone else is just about like you. Breathe, relax, and live without fear.
  2. Give up on impressing other people. Consider Benny Lewis. Or Chris Guillebeau. (Skip the SUV?)
  3. Don’t be scared to fail. In the Western society, it’s almost impossible to fail! Take the risk! There are really almost no consequences to failure. In other parts of the world, that’s not true. But here it is.
  4. Study skills that actually matter: success, relationships, communications, finance, creativity, how to make stuff, build stuff, create stuff. Why not skip the money and learn the skills!
  5. Explore. Give up on dogma. Have an open mind! Get clear on priorities in life. Your priorities. And be ok with them changing. Understand all your options. Take the classes…travel…enjoy! Don’t be concerned with being right. Be fascinated with life! Be fascinated with other people’s stories.
  6. Focus on building habits (health and wealth are largely habits).
  7. Carefully consider the high school and college decisions.
  8. Stay flexible. (Minimalism, debtlessness, etc.) Consider all your options and whatever you choose to do will make a difference.
  9. Invest in yourself and follow your hunches. Consider the Personal MBA.
  10. Run your life like a business.
  11. We live in an amazing world. Consider the lifestyle we can live today of international travel. Consider the careers you can
  12. Read.

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Now it’s your turn! What advice would you give the 18-year old you?

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