My guest on today’s program is Ken Ilgunas, author of Walden on Wheels.

Ken paid off a “crushing $32,000 of student debt” from his undergraduate education by working odd jobs all across the country and vowed not to go into debt again. While pursing his graduate degree, Ken gained a bit of national notoriety when Salon Magazine (and later the New York Times) published his article: “I live in a van down by Duke University: How do I afford grad school without going into debt? A ’94 Econoline, bulk food and creative civil disobedience.

By living in his van, Ken was able to keep his expenses to a total of $103 per week (spending $4.34 a day on food). I’d say that’s properly radical!

Ken later hitchhiked 7,500 miles back and forth across the USA. He lived in Coldfoot, Alask working for a year as a tour guide. He went on an 18th century voyage across Ontario. And he walked the 1,700 mile proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Texas.


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