We’re back from a most excellent three-day weekend with a great interview with my new friend Kraig Mathias from www.CreateMyIndependence.com.

I met Kraig in Dallas at the Podcast Movement Conference. We hit it off and I really loved hearing his story.

Kraig was living a fairly normal financial life until 2010 when he was inspired to get serious about his finances.

Between 2010 and 2014, he paid off $25,000 in debt, saved like crazy, and launched himself into the world of entrepreneurship with 5 years of living expenses in the bank!

Since then, he’s been building his own business on his terms.

Enjoy the interview!

p.s., after you listen to the interview, check out the live webinar he’s hosting on Monday, September 8 at 9pm EST called “7 Steps to Creating and Growing a Business From Your Blog.”

Listen to the show first so you hear his story, but it’s a very duplicatable story!


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