Today, we tackle head on the myth that financial plans should be the same for all people.  They simply shouldn’t. But we’ve probably all swallowed that line to some degree or another.

I was inspired by Friday’s show at how many unique variables and plans could be developed. So I sat down and made a list of 18 very important personal attributes that should dramatically affect a personal financial plan.


  1. Phase of life
  2. Risk tolerance
  3. Personality
  4. Skills
  5. Goals
  6. Assets and liabilities
  7. Capital
  8. Necessary return
  9. Perspective/outlook on the future
  10. Your health/expected lifespan
  11. Opportunities available to you
  12. What you enjoy
  13. Time perspective
  14. Political convictions/persuasion/ideology
  15. Religious convictions/persuasion/ideology
  16. Your economic forecast
  17. Family attributes
  18. Your alternative use of the dollar

We could create hundreds and hundreds of unique financial plans among these various attributes…and all would use a unique approach and unique financial product sets.

This is the kind of creative thinking we need to cultivate and encourage!


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