Today I’m going to share with you one important question (and four follow-ups) that have really helped me in my own life and in my past work with clients.

Also, I share two errors I made recently that I need to correct.

Details in the show!

A Powerful Question (originally from Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach Program)

  1. If we were meeting three years from today, what has to have happened during that three-year period for you to feel happy about your progress?
  2. What are the biggest dangers you’ll have to face and deal with in order to achieve that progress?
  3. What are the biggest opportunities that you have that you would need to focus on and capture to achieve those things?
  4. What strengths will you need to reinforce and maximize, and what skills and resources will you need to develop that you don’t currently have in order to capture those opportunities?

Have a great weekend!


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