Today, we have some excellent questions submitted from some very smart listeners! I was excited to be able to answer the questions for you and I’m really pleased with the variety, interest, and depth of this show. I hope you agree!

Questions answered in today’s show:

  • How do I plan for an appropriate amount of life insurance to provide for the special care my 14-year old son with autism needs? (4:31)
  • What is it like to be a financial planner and how can someone get started in the business? (38:30)
  • What types of financial planning tools should I learn to use first? (1:12:15)
  • I made a mistake in my show where I corrected another mistake I made! (1:21:45)
  • What do you do when you’ve done all you can? (1:28:10)
  • How do I do Socially Responsible Investing? (1:43:15)
  • Clarifications on the 4% rule show. (2:04:50)
  • Where did I shower when I was on my two-week trip living in the car? (2:18:45)
  • How can a martial arts hobby contribute to financial independence? (2:21:15)


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