Sometimes it’s easy to think that financial independence is accessible only to “extreme” people. That’s simply not the case. You don’t have to live in a tent in the woods in order to gain financial independence.

Certainly, you might be able to do it faster by living in a tent, but if you don’t want to live that way, it’s simply not an option that you will consider!

My guest today is special for his “normalness.” From their own site:

We are a married couple in our mid 30’s blogging about our journey to becoming financially independent and retiring early to have more time for the people and things that we love.  What we hope makes our story compelling and inspiring for our readers is that what is special  about us is basically……NOTHING!  We both came from modest backgrounds.  We grew up in a depressed small town (and still live there!).  Neither of our parents have college degrees.  Neither of us ever has earned a 6 figure salary.  We have no special investment knowledge or skill, and we have made some dumb mistakes in this area.  Our only real estate is our home.  We are parents.  We certainly are not living a life of extreme frugality.  If our lifestyle is different than most people, it is because we do much more traveling and seek much more adventure than most people (our splurges!).  Despite all this and after working for less than 15 years, we are building our assets toward our first  million dollars and developing passive income strategies to support us in early retirement.  Our story is one that could be achieved by anyone with the desire to do it!  Stay and have a look around and take anything that you can apply to your own path to a happier, wealthier, more fulfilling life.

There are some really useful tidbits in today’s show, especially on a more sensible way of financing college as well as lessons Chris learned in dealing with a not-so-helpful financial advisor.




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