Community Guidelines

As someone that loves to discuss personal finance, I encourage you to participate in conversations on my website and social media outlets. However, I ask that you please keep the following in mind when partaking in a conversation:


Don’t Be Mean

There is no harm in disagreeing with a perspective or view of another person. However, when doing so, remember that there is another human being on the other end of the internet that’s reading what you type – a real person. As such, name calling won’t be tolerated, nor will insulting insinuations. Argue the point or debate topic as vigorously as you can and present as much compelling evidence in favor of your side as you have. But don’t attack the person.

Stay on Topic

When there are a lot of people in a room, it’s very easy for group discussions to quickly deviate from the original topic. As the room (aka this website) fills up with visitors, please remember to stay on topic when you write. I value your personal opinions, but I also need to ensure that your opinions are relevant to the discussion.

Don’t Troll

There’s no tolerance for trolls around here. Trolls, you know who you are and if you’re caught, you will promptly be asked to leave or banned from the site entirely.

Watch Your Language

The English language is full of many colorful words that can be used to express feelings and emphasize emotion. However, please don’t submit words that would be considered offensive, explicit or inappropriate.

Note: I reserve the right to, without warning, delete any comment and ban any user should any of the above guidelines be violated.

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