Life Event Planning

As you progress through your life, you will face specific triggering events. Each of these events has specific financial planning considerations.

Careful, thoughtful decisions can lead to long-term wealth. Imprudent, uninformed decisions can open the way to disaster.

Think carefully about each decision you make and consider the specific actions you need to take to set yourself up for success.

Education & College

Our personal education sets the foundation for our life’s success and experience. Design and implement your education plans carefully.

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Buying/Leasing a Car

Accidents happen not only on the road but also in the process of acquiring the vehicle in the first place. Learn so you can make a wise decision.

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New Job

Much of our financial framework is centered on our employment. Learn the skills of finding a perfect job and making wise decisions with the benefit choices offered to you.

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Job Loss

Losing a job has an emotional and financial impact on your life. It can be an opportunity though. Set yourself up for success in this stage of transition.

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Marriage is exciting! It’s also a total transformation of your financial life. Make good decisions as you go into marriage and prepare for your new life together.

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Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment can be an excellent and financially optimal way to meet your need of a place to live. Learn how to protect yourself in the process.

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Buying a House

Buying a house is often the largest financial transaction that people enter into. Make sure you are careful and wise so that it’s a blessing and not a curse.

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Having Babies

Children are a blessing. They are also a catalyst for major changes in your budget and financial plan. Learn how to assure they’re a catalyst for good!

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Training Children

Have you considered your history with money and how your parents have trained you for success? Train your children for wealth and change the world.

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Losing your spouse to death irrevocably alters your world. Gain the knowledge you need to make prudent financial decisions at this stage of life.

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Divorce is often the most financially devastating event in many lives. Learn how to make wise decisions to protect yourself and those you love.

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Most of us will find ourselves with the privilege of caring for an elder that we love. Learn how this stage of life can be a joy rather than an overwhelming burden.

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Successful retirement happens only with careful preparation. Set yourself up for a retirement of bliss and financial security rather than worry and fear.

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Retirement can be a grand adventure winding up a life well-lived or it can be an uncomfortable descent into meaninglessness and oblivion. Choose wisely.

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