Nearing Retirement

Successful retirement happens only with careful preparation. Set yourself up for a retirement of bliss and financial security rather than worry and fear.

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iTunes Reviews

- TeamGoldenMean31

Josh does an incredible job of weaving practical financial advice with a strong & original philo ...

- Open minded people enlightenin

Only up to episode 25 but currently liking the show a good deal. Joshua is open minded to his approa ...

- Lindsey B 23

I love both the breadth and depth of this podcast. The vast variety of topics means there is somethi ...

- Nateab87

The anecdotal story from the road was awesome but I originally subscribed to listen to a personal fi ...

- Cougarfan13765

Love this guy! So informative and helpful to a young business man! ...

- Jill-SanJose

There’s some solid advice in here, but there is also a lot of assumed privilege (white privilege, ma ...

- zach-man-doo

I have listened to this podcast religiously for over two years now. From his early episodes like #2 ...

- Ric MP

I started listening a a few months ago and appreciate especially those episodes with greater persona ...

- Pretty as I am

Today I listened to Radical Personal Finance for the first time hoping to feel inspired. Instead I f ...

- Tasha_Fi

Unsubscribing. This podcast has less about personal finance of late and more about his privileged po ...

- rnaymilddebts

If you have a very strong political leaning towards the left, you might hit a hard wall listening to ...

- no to guns

Stopped listening after the episode on guns ...

- Vballdavid05

Great content! ...

- Dave J from Mass.

Joshua takes on great subjects and calls out the truth when dealing with issues, related to finance, ...

- cfkells

I’ve tried a couple times to listen to episodes from this podcast since it was recommended by my FI ...

- smithkells

Did not appreciate the episode on public schools. Privatizing public education is very dangerous. It ...

- CL1971

If you’re not a devout Christian this guys preaching will drive you mad. For content focused financi ...

- Vendicott

For helpful (and enjoyable!) personal finance discussion, I'd suggest Afford Anything or Stacki ...

- emb145ca

I’ve been listening for a while ( about 9 months) and it could just be in my mind but I feel like th ...

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  1. BRETT

    Thanks for your hard work, knowledge and insights. As a Christian I appreciate your perspectives and willingness to delve into content viewed as controversial in our ultra politically correct world!

    I am a teacher with a modest income but am working to max income out in my field of training/experience. Some of your content has been incredibly helpful to learn about different ways to generate income as well as ways to get out of debt that are not a 1 size fits all approach such as Dave Ramseys.

    I appreciate your wide range if issues. I wish i could afford your course on income but right now i am working on my masters degree which is consuming all my discretionary time and money. Hopefully in the next year!

    Anyways… Just wanted to send you a quick note of encouragement and thanks for your efforts! If you end up in washington state this summer let me know!👍

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    • Joshua Sheats


      Thank you for your nice comment!

      I appreciate it.

      You’re already doing what you need to do in order to increase your income. Keep at it.


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