It’s Friday! That means a Q&A show for you. Today, I answer all of these questions.

Here are the questions and the time stamp for where each can be found in the episode.



  1. 10:00 – Brandon: How do I convey our financial information to my executor if my wife and I die? Should I have my testamantery trust managed by a professional trustee?
  2. 29:43 – Kyle: How do I save money on taxes as a young, single physician resident?
  3. 54:01 – Daniel: Is it ok for a young person to have a 100% stock allocation?
  4. 1:02:44 – Greg: I have $2.5M, can I afford to retire?
  5. 1:10:44 – John: How do I find a good team of advisors?
  6. 1:28:00 – Tom: Could I take a loss on a house I transfer into an ESA and then get the gain out tax-free?



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