DSC01422Babies are expensive! Right? Well, Mrs. RPF and I haven’t found it to be so. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my wife and we’ll share with you some of the strategies we’ve found useful in raising our son.

General themes:

  • Kids will cost you exactly as much money as you have. Or as much as you decide to spend on them.
  • Build a lifestyle that leaves momma (and dad too, if possible) with lots of time! Time is essential to savings.
  • Source as much of your stuff as possible for free. Our society is overrun with perfectly good baby gear just sitting around waiting for you to grab it. (Go curb-diving, enjoy strategic gifts, get good at cleaning stuff up.)
  • Barter and borrow as much as possible. (Family and friends in similar lifestages are useful!)
  • Choose to use things that are reusable instead of disposable. (cloth diapers, wipes etc.)
  • Consider strategies that allow you to eliminate or reduce your need for special baby stuff. (breastfeeding, “EC,” “Baby-Led Weaning,” etc.)
  • Plan ahead and store what you’re going to need and plan items that have long projected lifespans.




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