Radical Personal Finance Out and About: Joshua's Financial Privacy Advice on the Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

(My interview starts at 7:30 into the show.)

I recently gave an interview to the Complete Privacy and Security Podcast on the topic of financial privacy. I think it was a really good interview.

This interview was originally published on December 8, 2017 here: https://operational-security.com/cps-podcast-e058-financial-privacy-security/


Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked

Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance joins us to discuss:
? Why being financially stable (and ideally independent) is an important component of personal privacy
? Joshua’s Stages of Financial Independence, and what each of them means:

Stage 0: Financial Dependence
Stage 1: Financial Solvency
Stage 2: Financial Stability
Stage 3: Debt Freedom
Stage 4: Financial Security
Stage 5: Financial Independence
Stage 6: Financial Freedom
Stage 7: Financial Abundance

? How to pick make an accountant or financial planner who respects your financial privacy & security ? Episode 459 of Radical Personal Finance: Don’t Trust Your Financial Advisor!
? How trusts and LLCs can impact your finances and privacy
? How much cash you should have on hand and where you should store your emergency fund ? Episode 481 of Radical Personal Finance: Where Should I Keep My Emergency Fund?
? Which precious metals you can sell in any amount without reporting the sale to the IRS
? Joshua’s thoughts on investing in precious metals, Bitcoin, and other alternative assets
? What you need to do right now to begin achieving financial independence

Be sure to check out Radical Personal Finance ? it’s one of my favorite podcasts!

No Offense/Defense this week.

1. How secure and/or private is Paypal.com? Do you recommend using Paypal?
2. If my bank doesn’t offer two factor authentication, what else can I do to protect my account?

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