Your Financial Tool Belt

At times, the road to financial freedom requires the use of the right tools. Here are a few tools that I’ve hand-picked that can help you achieve your goals.

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You Need a Budget

I’ve reviewed dozens of different types of money management software solutions. They all share a common flaw: they’re great at tracking where your money went but they’re terrible at telling it where to go and they don’t allow you to adjust your budget on the fly when you need to re-allocate it. YNAB is the best budgeting solution I’ve ever seen or used. I use it to manage all of my business finances and all of my personal finances. Try it!

Paladin Research & Registry

The most frequently asked question on Radical Personal Finance is this: “Joshua, how do I find a great financial advisor?” It’s a tough question to answer because you have to match the right type of advisor who has the right background and qualifications for a specific type of client and a specific type of financial planning need. Not easy. Paladin Registry is my best recommendation of where to start your search for that right advisor. They carefully research financial advisors and present you with a customized list of advisors for you to interview.


It can be tough to keep up with your reading while you’re living the busy lifestyle we all lead. Audiobooks can be your secret weapon in the fight! There are a ton of great options but Audible is one of the best. Get a free audiobook of your choice when you use this link.

Personal Capital

A dashboard in your car helps you to see a snapshot of how things are going. Personal Capital is the absolute best financial dashboard for you to use. And, best part of all, it’s 100% free!


Student loan rates are way too high. Get yours down. SoFi is a modern take on an old business. Use my referral link and get $200 when you refinance your loans.

Patrick Snow

Patrick Snow is my personal publishing coach. He’s working with me on the entire publishing process of the book. If you have any interest in publishing a book, reach out to Patrick for a complimentary consultation.


I love working with companies that actually care about their customers. TradeKing is such a company. Low-cost trades and awesome customer service.

Student Loan Show

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  1. Aaron

    Hey I love your information. Just wondering what’s a great book to read to get a great overview on different tax strategies for entrepreneurs and regular people. Thanks in advance

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    • Josh

      Hey Aaron. I love Josh’s show and the information he provides as well. I am a tax CPA. Truth is, that is almost a loaded question. Many tax strategies are state specific from the start. For example, there are many states where opportunities can be found organizing as an S-corp. However, Tennessee has no state income tax but does have a franchise and excise tax. At the end of the day (long story short), the benefit of organizing as an S-corp is negated in TN for that reason.

      A CPA’s most frustrating words for clients – but most honest – is that it depends. It always depends on the specifics of your circumstances. I’d encourage you discuss the specifics of your circumstances to a local tax CPA. I have prepped returns in every state for businesses, but an in-state guy will know the ins and outs of relationships to best guide you. Let me know if you need any recommendations on CPA’s – I’d be glad to help the best I can.

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      • Nick

        Josh, Are you in Tennessee? I am actually looking for that very thing in Tennessee right now.

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  2. John Ratchford

    Saw u at the xy planning network seminar u were great. Please send me the slides if u can I would like to review them.


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  3. Jesus Mendoza

    I love your pod cast and I also would like to help people from the Hispanic Community in my area with these topics.

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    • Joshua Sheats

      Jesus, Figure out a simple way to start serving those in your local community and then let me know if you have any ideas as to how I can help!

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  4. Nicole

    I just started listening to your show this week on spotify. I love it, but was wondering if there was a particular episode I could turn to for advice that suits me: I work in mental health and I’m graduating in April with my masters. I make modest pay but am able to save $1200/month on my self-imposed tight budget. I would love an episode that focuses on an individual who is just starting out and how/where to place that small extra income (such a battle! pay back student loans…save for a house..etc).
    I’d love some resources or an episode on this!
    Thanks so much.

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  5. John White

    Hi Joshua,

    I really really appreciate listening to your podcasts while driving and recommend you to many. I love the way one can pick and choose to glide through the podcasts lists. I vote for your continued audio content development.

    I’ve tried many retirement calculators and have settled on my own excel tool but would appreciate your recommendation on one that addresses not only the budgeted values but considers if/how social security, inflation and investments by category.

    I’m 55 and my wife is 65 and we’re looking to back off the traditional workday and begin to focus on the more important life goals like family, giving and sharing our years of business experience. We saved $2.5-3.0m and believe we could live comfortably but for the extremes.

    PS. Either I’m a confirmed old fart or your book download link is amiss. And send back a link to contribute to your excellent and valued works.

    Kind Regards,

    John White
    Southern California

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  6. Faisal

    Hi Joshua,
    Really love your podcasts and advice in general. Tried to download your e book but only got one page with Lorem Ispum on it !. Is this still available for download ?

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    • Philip Frey

      I believe that was only a test link and file, and the actual book is not completed as of Dec 2016.

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