I’ve got a great Friday show for you! Today, we’re going to interview early retiree Justin who writes at www.rootofgood.com.

Justin has a great story. Why should you listen to him? Well, he retired at 33 as a millionaire, even though he followed a relatively mainstream path through college and law school  I’ll pull this paragraph from his About page to tell you more!

“Why should I listen to you, Justin?”

Most folks blogging about money and financial freedom on the internet fall into two categories: (1) deep in debt and deftly paying it off, or (2) hard core savers that accumulated great wealth at a young age.

I would put myself in the latter group. Our household has grown moderately rich by being frugal, saving a large proportion of our earnings, and investing our assets wisely. No winning lottery ticket ever fell into our pockets (who wastes money on lottery tickets anyway right? ). No unknown rich great uncles that hate their immediate family have left us massive inheritances. Yet. Unfortunately we were born without a trust fund. Neither of us have ever worked at a dot com or start up that paid out huge stock options eventually worth millions when Google or Facebook bought the start up.

My wife and I had regular jobs working roughly 9 to 5 each day and we saved most of our paychecks. When we first started working after college, collectively we made well under $100,000 annually. In 2013 when I quit working, our household income topped out around $150,000 annually. While working, we consistently pumped our savings into 401k’s, IRA’s, HSA’s, 529′s, and regular brokerage accounts. These investments grew enormously over roughly ten years and made us financially independent today.

You’re really going to enjoy the interview. It’s awesome!

Have a great weekend!



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