Updates for the Show and a Conversation on The Problems and Solutions Facing Our Consumption-Based Society

Today’s show is a conversation about the current status of the show, some of my mistakes and things I’m working on and it’s also a casual conversation about what’s really important.  We talk about the problems and solutions facing our consumer society and how we already know each and every one of the solutions to implement.  We just need to implement them.


  • I’m getting better at the show–I think! 🙂  But it’s slow.
  • We have to pay attention to health.  And finances.  And they affect each other.
  • The consumption of stuff and accumulation doesn’t bring happiness.  Living a life filled with doing things you love brings much more happiness.  Would you rather live in a mansion and work a stressful job you hate or would you rather live in a cottage and do work you love?
  • The technology exists to radically lower expenses without diminishing enjoyment.  All that’s necessary is to apply design to the process.
  • Why do we still pay for food when it could be freely available in the streets if we just planted fruit trees?
  • Why do our houses suck money out of our budgets because they’re built in an energy inefficient manner?  Why not design them better so they work better?
  • Why do we pay for water?  Why not collect it off the roof for free?
  • Why do we pay to heat the water?  Why not use the sun’s energy to simply heat it for free?
  • Why do we pay so much money to heat/cool houses?  The technology exists to completely eliminate those expenses!
  • Why do our houses not make energy for us instead of consuming energy?
  • This show is about solutions, not problems.  I’m passionate about finding them, learning about them, and sharing them with you.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.
  • One question: consider building a portfolio that provides income to pay for your needs. But also consider simply providing the needs without paying for them with income.

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