Radical Personal Finance You Are 100% Responsible For Your Income

You are 100% responsible for your income–both creating an income source and for the actual level of your income.  In the US American context, you’re paid exactly what you’re worth in the marketplace.  So, to make more, you have to be worth more.  The bad news is that being worth more is difficult because it depends on you.  The good news is that being worth more is something you can do.

The only way to be worth more in the marketplace is to increase your knowledge, skills, abilities, productivity, performance, and output.  The only way to do that is to invest in yourself.

How to Increase your Income by 1000% in the Next 10 Years by Brian Tracy

  • Steps to increase your income by 1000% in 10 years: Video Presentation by Brian Tracy on YouTube
      1. Get up and read for one hour every morning in your field. (Will result in your reading 50 books per year/500 books in 10 years)
      2. Make a list of everything you do.
      3. Put that list in order of priority.
      4. Start by working on the most important thing first.
      5. Turn your car into a rolling university by listening to educational audio programs that matter to you in the car.
      6. Ask yourself two questions consistently: 1-What did I do right? 2-What would I do differently next time?
      7. Treat everyone you meet like a million dollar customer and the most important person in the world.
  • You don’t make quantum leaps.  It’s day by day, month by month, little bit by little bit.
  • More articles by Brian Tracy on this subject here, here, here, and here.
  • Consider joining Toastmasters to become skilled in public speaking and attending four industry conferences each and every year.

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