In today’s show we move over onto the more “radical” side of financial planning. Today’s show is an interview with David Gross, author of “99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns.”

David worked as a computer programmer and lived a fairly normal life until 2003, when he became bothered by the actions of the U.S. Government in Iraq. At that time, he chose to stop paying taxes to the Federal Government so that he would no longer be supporting war with his money.

Initially, he did this by reducing his income to a level below at which he would not owe any federal income taxes. Later, he chose to stop paying the self employment taxes he owed which also funded the federal government.

Join us as we talk about:

  • David’s personal story and why he’s not scared that he’ll be put in prison for not paying his taxes.
  • The history of tax protesting.
  • The most effective forms of tax protesting.
  • Skills and tactics that have helped him to live well on less income.
  • Why the life of a tax protester isn’t austere or depressing at all, even though the IRS has removed funds from his bank accounts.
  • And more! 🙂

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