Radical Personal Finance 421 - Success --> Failure --> Success, the Hard Way! What You Can Learn About Money and Investing From This Woman Who Lost It All

I love to learn from people who have experienced great success in their lives.

But sometimes, you can learn more from failure than success!

Today, I’ve invited a new friend of mine on the show to learn what she learned from her massive failures in the past!

She and her husband were on the fast track toward wealth and financial freedom; they owned a ton of real estate and a thriving business.

And then they lost it all.

Listen to the episode for the gripping account of what that was really like!


0:00 Intro
3:18 Sponsors
4:30 Start of interview
9:08 What happened to you in 2008?
13:05 Were there any mentors/gurus that you followed in the real-estate space?
17:28 What was it like to lose it all? And go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy?
27:55 Trying to exit real-estate
29:30 Lessons learned
37:00 Warnings to those looking to enter real-estate as an investment
44:40 What did your children learn through all of it?

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